wholesale bulk goji berries

"Goji berries have become harder and harder to come by at a good price and with ready stock. Thanks to you we've been able to meet our customers' demands on time and within the required price range! "

- Jerry P. | Wholesale Customer

Did You Know?

Legend has it that Goji Berries helped one Chinese Man live 256 years. That is why the Goji Berry is the most revered fruit in China.

Bulk Organic goji berries

Our organic wholesale goji berries are harvested by hand by small family farmers in Tibet. Elder farmers tend to keep the practice by passing down their techniques and experience to their children, so the process continues with each succeeding generation. All our goji berries are certified organic, packed fresh, and taste absolutely delicious. No chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or antiobiotics are ever used in any part of the production process. You can taste the difference!

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